Jordi Albacete Lopez

Regular contributor to: El País, Care Himalaya, Cosmopolita Scotland, Broadcasting Scotland, The Prisma Newspaper

Other information: Having developed a career in Journalism and Environmental Studies, my ambition is to assist people in understanding the challenges and opportunities that the global community is undergoing. Currently I specialise in creating content and building online communities. These virtual communities empower individuals and groups to take real actions in implementing an equitable and low carbon society, respectful with the environment. I often travel overseas, Latin America, Asia and Africa, where I have investigated case studies of environmental deprivation, public health and climate change adaptation. I am planning to travel in 2019 to West Africa, India and maybe Brazil to write on some specific environmental conflicts. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss any potential journalistic project with me.

Links to my work:
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United Kingdom