Deborah Talbot

Regular contributor to: Forbes, Business Worldwide Magazine, Reclaim Magazine, CityMetric, InMotion Magazine and have contributed to Inside Housing, Dilettante Army,, Positive News, E List.

Other information: I've written three books, write CEO thought leadership manuscripts for Write Business Results. I have had copywriting roles in Fintech companies and start-ups.

I’ve acted as communications lead for art charities and events and managed social media marketing for various organisations and publications

I was editor of the independent and multi-authored online current affairs magazine Driftmine between 2015 and 2016 (a time-limited project, now offline with content republished). I have nearly two decades of experience editing books, PhDs, research reports and academic and media articles.

As a researcher, I’ve worked with third sector and private sector clients on analysis and report writing projects.

Links to my work:
Small Business Is The Engine Of The City
From William Morris’ Walthamstow, to John Ball’s Colchester: how placemakers are co-opting the dead
Housing Is Connected To Economic Growth -- But Only The Right Housing In The Right Place

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