Thessa Lageman

Regular contributor to: Al Jazeera English, BBC, The Atlantic's CityLab, Deutsche Welle, De Tijd (Belgium), several Dutch media, including trade and business magazines, content marketing agencies in the US, Scandinavia, the Netherlands and Belgium, such as Contently, Skyword and Spoon.

Other information: ✏️ Who?
My name is Thessa Lageman, and I'm an experienced Dutch Freelance Journalist, Copywriter and Writer of Content Marketing Stories. I'm also an Arabist, which means that I studied Arabic languages and cultures. I also lived in Tunisia, Egypt and Kuwait.

✏️ What?
I write captivating stories in Dutch and English for media, magazines and other business and NGO publications.

I can write about nearly anything, but often deal with social topics, such as sustainability and environmental issues, circular economy, social enterprises, international development, human rights, poverty and migration. I also regularly write about health, education, science, travel and technology.

I also edit Dutch texts, translate from English to Dutch and regularly take photos.

✏️ How?
Before I start writing an article, I explore the topic thoroughly, look for refreshing angles and ask the right questions. I use a clear structure and the language that fits your audience. I write the content in a way that the audience likes to continue reading until the end. Because of my experience, it's easy to work with me, I follow briefings closely, but also contribute ideas, I'm flexible and, of course, I never miss a deadline.​

✏️ Where?
I'm based in The Hague, the Netherlands, and regularly travel to other parts of the world.

✏️ When?
Just send me a message -- -- and we can see if, how and when we can work together.

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