Regular contributor to: Independent. Previous: Southwark News and SWLondoner

Other information: I am a recently-qualified multimedia journalist (NCTJ Multimedia Journalism Diploma) with experience in content research, story-sourcing, blogging, online and print publications, mobile journalism, subbing news stories, interviewing, sub-editing, proof reading and design.
Along with my own freelance-based projects combining human rights and journalism, I have work experience with newspaper agencies, blogging for Amnesty International, researching news content for a leading TV/radio broadcast station in Jamaica and undergoing a multimedia internship in Dominica Republic.
I have a BSc in Sociology and an MSc in Human Rights from the London School of Economics and Political Science, specialising in women’s rights, counter-extremism, race relations, and global injustices at large. During my studies, I also developed skills in ethical research methodology, critical writing and team work, together with the efficient management and organisation of related projects. Additional areas of research included: Criminology, Psychology of the Criminal Justice System, Globalisation Studies, Race Relations and Gender/Sexuality studies, transnational politics, multiculturalism and sexual/domestic violence.
Other organisations I have both worked, volunteered and campaigned for include; Oxfam, Cancer Research, VPWA (Ghana), London Paralympics 2012 (London Ambassador) and Solace Women’s Aid UK.
My additional skills and experience include research, advocacy, mentoring, teaching/training, communication skills, Media Law (UK), Human Rights International Law, photography and psychology.
My desire to become a journalist and researcher was triggered by my broad and varied life experiences and studies, coupled with my passion for researching, communicating and debating issues.
I have travelled extensively and resided in several countries, both developed and developing.
With my linguistic skills - I speak fluent French and basic Spanish - I have been able to experience first-hand a plethora of socio-cultural, economic and political events which continues to fuel my journalistic curiosity.

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