Yuri Litvinenko

Regular contributor to: Tedium (English) and Milknews (Russian). You can also read my work on Atlas Obscura, Vice, and Nintendo Life.

Other information: I’m a journalist from Russia focusing on the history of technology. Digging through open data and archival material, I uncover forgotten facts to give a fresh perspective on the history of computing and consumer electronics.

I also cover dairy industry for my current Russian employer, Milknews/SOUZMOLOKO, and I’m ready to cooperate with foreign partners.

Links to my work:
Russia’s Retro Lenin Museum Still Runs on Decades-Old Apple II Computers — Atlas Obscura
Inside The Twisted And Abusive Culture Of Yasha Haddaji's Nintendo Russia — Nintendo Life
Microsoft's Project Photon: A Stunted Effort To Rebuild Windows Mobile — Tedium
The First iPhone Was a Landline — Vice

Telephone: +7 977 326 96 90

Email: me@ylitvinenko.com

Web site: ylitvinenko.com

Twitter: ylitvinenko

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/ylitvinenko/

Russian Federation