Forbes Inglis

Regular contributor to: Local & national newspapers, history & Scottish interest magazines and listings/publicity magazines.

Other information: A regular newspaper columnist, I also contribute news, feature articles, photographs and short stories to newspapers and magazines in the UK, the USA and Australia.
Although I can produce work on most topics my main interests include Scotland in all its guises, social and military history, nostalgia, sport, the paranormal and special educational needs, (particularly in relation to Down's syndrome).

Phantoms and Fairies, my book about the ghosts and haunted places of Angus and Dundee, was published in 2010 and The Sea Enriches, a local history based on my newspaper column, in October 2012. Murders and Misdeeds, an account of capital offences and hangings in Dundee and Angus during the 18th & 19th centuries, is now on sale.
As weel as a the abin I kin scrieve awa in Scots

I also have considerable experience as a speaker and am available for after dinner speeches and for talks on any of my specialist topics.

Telephone: 01674 673086

Mobile: 07784 634053


United Kingdom