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The next of Hacks/Hackers Brighton will take place:

6pm Tuesday, 2 October, upstairs at The Eagle (BN1 4AF)

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Change of context

Following the relaunch of the Channel 4 News website, James Box – UX designer for Clearleft – will reflect on the highs, lows, successes and failures of its 'responsive redesign' (site design that resizes to fit the screen size of the device it is viewed on). He'll argue that despite its inherent challenges, responsive design may just be the catalyst that the digital industry has been waiting for.

Having heard from James on the importance and potential disruption caused by responsive design, Andy Hume will explain and showcase some of the responsive design work going on at the Guardian, where he is client-side architect. How are these technical and work flow challenges influencing the way editorial, design, and development teams work together?

What is Hacks/Hackers Brighton?

A get together for journalists (hacks), developers (hackers) and designers to share information and ideas.

Hacks/Hackers is a global movement where hacks (journalists) and hackers (developers) meet for talks, demos, hackathons and socials. It started in San Francisco and New York in 2009 and there are now 30 meet-up groups across five continents (see the Hacks/Hackers site).

The goal of Hacks/Hackers is to create a "network of journalists and technologists who rethink the future of news and information".

Organised by, Hacks/Hackers Brighton launched at the Brighton Digital Festival in September 2011 and draws on the wealth of talent in and around Brighton.

Any journalist, developer or designer is welcome to come along to this free event. You can register via this meetup group.

The first meet-up of Hacks/Hackers Brighton
The first meet up of Hacks/Hackers Brighton, which took place on 8 September 2011 as part of the Brighton Digital Festival
Erik Hersman from Ushahidi discusses uses of Crowdmap at Hacks/Hackers Brighton
Erik Hersman from Ushahidi explains innovative uses of Crowdmap at the first meet-up of Hacks/Hackers Brighton

Hacks/Hackers Brighton
Hacks/Hackers Brighton

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