Journalism apps

App for journalists: Google Street View, for capturing 360-degree photos

Reporters can use this free iOS and Android app to take spherical images using their phones

Posted by Caroline Scott on 13/03/17

App for journalists: Pushbullet, for transferring files between your devices

This free Android and iOS app also allows you to receive mobile notifications and texts on your computer

Posted by Caroline Scott on 06/02/17

App for journalists: VRfix, for re-injecting 360 metadata into your videos

This app for iOS and Android will ensure your spherical video plays interactively on YouTube

Posted by Caroline Scott on 23/01/17

App for journalists: Cardboard Camera, for taking and sharing 360-degree photos

Use this free app to capture and share 360-degree images with immersive audio

Posted by Caroline Scott on 19/12/16

App for journalists: Pocket Reporter, for guiding trainee journalists through the newsgathering process

This free Android app helps with the basics of reporting, prompting journalists to ask the right questions for their story

Posted by Caroline Scott on 12/12/16

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From our editors' blog is 'pick of the week' on Google Currents

You can now listen to podcasts from within the Google Currents app

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 10 April 2013

SoundCloud adds trim and edit features to its apps

SoundCloud adds edit, pause and fade options to its iOS and Android apps

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 21 September 2012

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