Credit: Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

If you are serious about getting a new job in journalism, you cannot take a casual approach of just applying for jobs when they pop up on your LinkedIn notifications.

It requires you to sit down with the right mindset, a plan and a few other essentials, according to PressPad's editorial assistant Daniella Theis. Her guide on job-hunting as a journalist is one to bookmark.

You also need the right tools for the job, and spreadsheets - like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel - can help you see your outstanding tasks at a glance.

"I had a spreadsheet for opportunities I found online so I could sort them by application due date and apply later, and a spreadsheet with people I could potentially contact for work experience," it reads.

"I also set up a spreadsheet to track where I applied and for what opportunity, when I applied in case I wanted to send a follow-up, whether I got feedback, and a link to my tailored CV and cover letter for that application."

You can also check out our jobs board for the latest opportunities from around the media industry.

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