Libel reform

Defamation bill published online after inclusion in Queen's Speech

Libel reform was included in the Queen's Speech this week, which outlines Parliament's focus for the coming 12 months

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 11/05/12

Queen's Speech: Libel law reform will be introduced

Queen confirms at State Opening of Parliament that legislation will be introduced 'to reform the law of defamation'

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 09/05/12

David Cameron urged to rethink 'unfair' no-win no-fee reform

New rules on conditional fee agreements and insurance premiums in privacy and libel cases would be 'wrong and unfair to the ordinary citizen'

Posted by Paul McNally on 26/03/12

Alternative Libel Project: Cut down 'eye-popping' costs

Report calls for package of measures aimed at reducing 'the cost and length of proceedings' and lessening 'the likelihood of costs'

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 15/03/12

Lord McNally says Leveson inquiry must not delay libel reform

Justice minister Lord McNally says he 'would be extremely disappointed if a commitment to legislate on defamation was not part of' the Queen's Speech

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 15/03/12

Libel Reform Campaign: Proposals do not go far enough

Campaigners say the current proposals in response to the draft defamation bill do not address 'libel bullying'

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 02/03/12

'Small claims court' idea for libel and privacy

Government says it will look at suggestion, by Labour MP Chris Bryant, to make it easier for the public to bring claims against the media

Posted by Paul McNally on 10/02/12

In full: Final joint committee report on draft defamation bill

Read the full report from a joint House of Commons and House of Lords committee into the government's draft libel reform proposals

Posted by on 19/10/11

Bill must address online defamation, says joint committee

In a report published today, the joint parliamentary committee called on the government to introduce legislation to cover online defamation and tackle the new 'Wild West' online

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 19/10/11

New defamation bill could make things worse, warns Civil Justice Council

Civil Justice Council claims bill in current form provides more room for 'expensive argument and uncertainty'

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 22/06/11

#jpod: Lawyers and free expression campaigners debate libel law senior reporter Rachel McAthy speaks with former MP Evan Harris, Professor Gavin Phillipson and blogger at the New Statesman David Allen Green in this podcast from Westminster Legal Forum

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 12/05/11

Justice minister calls for expert advice on draft defamation bill

Liberal Democrat peer Lord McNally wants experts in online publishing to join in the debate to shape the draft defamation bill

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 12/05/11

Defamation bill does not reflect 'elasticity' of real-time news, warns Rusbridger

Live blogs and real-time news are not considered in the draft defamation bill, the Guardian's editor told the joint committee today

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 11/05/11

Libel reformer describes new defamation bill as 'extraordinarily open'

Lord Lester has described the draft defamation consultation paper and bill as "an extraordinarily open and intelligent document"

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 27/04/11

Lord Lester to give evidence on defamation bill to new committee

Joint Committee on the Draft Defamation Bill will take evidence on the draft bill and report back to parliament in July

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 07/04/11

Kyiv Post libel case thrown out by high court judge

Newspaper will keep a block on UK traffic – put up in protest at UK libel law – in place for the meantime

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 24/02/11

Ukrainian news site vows to block UK traffic until libel reform is passed

The Kyiv Post blocked UK visitors on 14 December followed a libel suit against the newspaper's publisher in London by a Ukrainian businessman

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 07/01/11

Clegg outlines plans to reform 'embarrassing' UK libel law

Deputy prime minister today announced details of a draft defamation bill to combat so-called 'libel-tourism' and bolster public-interest journalism

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 07/01/11

English libel law 'not fit for purpose', says justice minister

Lord McNally tells Lebel Reform Campaign event that getting the reforms right will be something on which he will measure his career

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 06/12/10

UK libel campaign groups publish new guide for bloggers

The guide, entitled'So you've had a threatening letter. What can you do?', contains definitions of defamation, what to do in response to the threat of libel action and what defences might be available

Posted by Laura Oliver on 19/11/10

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From our editors' blog

Media release: Libel reform campaigners respond to Queen's Speech

The Libel Reform Campaign announced a "victory" today as the Queen's Speech confirmed legislation will be introduced in the next 12 months to reform defamation law

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 9 May 2012

Jo Yeates' landlord: media responsible for 'extraordinary tissue of fabrications'

Speaking on Radio 4's Today programme Chris Jefferies, the landlord of Joanna Yeates who was arrested on suspicion of her murder but later released, tells of being 'very disturbed' by press reports after his arrest

Posted by Joel Gunter on 2 November 2011

Lord Lester 'not enthusiastic' about privacy laws

Lord Lester urged the newly-formed joint committee on the draft defamation bill not to try to tackle a privacy law within the legislation

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 27 April 2011

Jack of Kent: Bercow makes a stand for libel reform

MigrationWatch has threatened political commentator Sally Bercow with libel action following comments she made about a Daily Express story on migration

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 4 October 2010

The Spectator: Alan Rusbridger backs Lord Lester's defamation bill

Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger gives his views on libel legislation and support to Lord Lester

Posted by Laura Oliver on 20 September 2010

Jamaica's libel reform proposals highlight issues ignored in England

Current common law of libel in Jamaica is the same as that in England and Wales

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 4 August 2010

English PEN director describes 'careful balancing act' of libel reform

Jonathan Heawood discusses the criticisms English PEN has faced in relation to its libel reform campaign from both sides

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 29 July 2010

LIVE: Follow the Defamation Bill debate

Significant changes to current libel legislation are proposed, to address online publishing and greater protection for journalists reporting on parliamentary proceedings

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 9 July 2010

Lord Lester's Defamation Bill debate live on parliament website this morning

The bill could offer greater protection for journalists covering parliamentary proceedings and seeks to update libel legislation in light of online publishing

Posted by Laura Oliver on 9 July 2010

Jack of Kent: Could Lester's libel reform bill fail to launch?

Will reforms to English and Welsh libel legislation put forward by Lord Lester be hindered by a lack of parliamentary resource and time, asks David Allen Green

Posted by Laura Oliver on 29 June 2010

'The media shouldn't be able to trash reputations in the heat of the moment': BBC's Kevin Marsh on libel reform

Analysing the main changes in Lord Lester's libel bill, the BBC's Kevin Marsh says it 'tackles some of the current laws' deficiencies head on' but "'body swerves others'

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 28 June 2010

William Bennett on libel reform: 'The real crux of the problem is not the law but the excessive costs of deploying it'

Inforrm blog continues to offer challenging discussion around the arguments posed by the Libel Reform campaign

Posted by Judith Townend on 4 June 2010

Press Gazette: Libel reform and FOI on LibCon agenda

All three main political parties pledged their support for reforming current libel legislation before the general election

Posted by Laura Oliver on 13 May 2010

Times Online: Latest cases on the London libel trail

Jeet Singh is an Indian national who lives in India and is thought never to have visited Britain but is suing a British freelance journalist

Posted by Judith Townend on 12 May 2010

Index on Censorship: Conservatives pledge support to libel reform campaign

Conservative shadow justice secretary, Dominic Grieve confirmed the party would undertake a 'fundamental review of the libel laws' if elected

Posted by Judith Townend on 9 April 2010 backs Libel Reform Campaign pledges support to the Libel Reform Campaign, run by Index on Censorship, Sense About Science and English PEN

Posted by Laura Oliver on 1 April 2010

Liberal Conspiracy: Why Tom Watson opposed libel costs reform

MP Tom Watson was criticised for his opposition to libel cost reform and defends his position on the Liberal Conspiracy

Posted by Judith Townend on 1 April 2010

Evan Harris MP: 'Missing ingredient' in Jack Straw's libel reform support

Liberal Democrat MP Evan Harris suggests the 'missing ingredient' in Jack Straw's pledge for libel reform is a commitment to limit big companies suing

Posted by Judith Townend on 29 March 2010

Shadow justice minister says libel reform issue would be a 'priority' for a Tory government

Conservative shadow justice minister Henry Bellingham said if his party formed the next government they would give libel reform priority

Posted by Judith Townend on 24 March 2010

British Journalism Review: Calls for libel law reform are misguided

'Journalists who don’t like risk should go elsewhere,' says investigative reporter Bruce Page as he assesses calls for libel law reform

Posted by Judith Townend on 4 March 2010

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