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Josh Hinkle of KXAN on translating solutions journalism to local TV news

The director of investigations and innovation at a US-based TV station talks about using the traditionally long-form style of reporting in short and sweet TV news bulletins that investigate education inequality during the pandemic

Posted by Jacob Granger on 01/10/20

Journalists 'can no longer work in silos' at the Independent

Chris Blackhurst from the London Evening Standard and Independent, discusses newsroom integration and London Live, a local TV station launching in March

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 09/10/13

Q&A: MD of Standard on launching TV channel for London

Andrew Mullins on how the Evening Standard newsroom will provide round-the-clock news coverage for London Live, the local TV channel it will run

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 04/02/13

Evening Standard awarded London local TV licence

The new channel will be called London Live and is expected to be received in 4 million homes

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 04/02/13

BBC details plans to buy news content from local TV licencees

Ofcom also opens applications today for the 21 local TV channels to be launched in the UK

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 10/05/12

Jeremy Hunt: Reform should 'recognise multimedia age'

Culture secretary says if the newspaper industry can formulate a structure which the public can have confidence in, he will look at whether this could regulate content across platforms

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 14/03/12

Study finds planned local TV coverage 'should be possible'

Feasibility study finds 'at almost all locations there is space on the masts near or at the heights assumed' by Ofcom's coverage proposals

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 13/03/12

Ofcom names 20 cities for local TV licences

The regulator has named the cities it will advertise licences for if proposed legislation on local TV is passed by Parliament

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 13/12/11

New local TV service has 65 cities in contention

Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt asks broadcasters and audiences to argue why their town or city should be selected

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 09/08/11

Shaun Milne appointed editor of STV Local

Former regional editor for Edinburgh replaces Iain Hepburn at the helm of the hyperlocal network

Posted by Joel Gunter on 04/07/11

Jeremy Hunt leans towards individual stations for local TV

Culture secretary said today following a consultation that individual stations with local licenses may be more feasible that a national network channel

Posted by Joel Gunter on 02/06/11

Channel 4 bids to run Jeremy Hunt's new local TV network channel

Broadcaster confirms it has 'expressed an interest in operating the national backbone that would underpin a local TV network'

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 11/03/11

Element TV announces bid for Hunt's new national TV channel

TV company has emerged as the latest contender for the license to run 'Channel 6'

Posted by Joel Gunter on 28/02/11

STV hails 'excellent start' for hyperlocal network

Announcing financial results for 2010, Scottish broadcaster said it was on track to add more hyperlocal sites in the rest of Scotland over the next 18 months

Posted by Paul McNally on 24/02/11

STV Local launches in Edinburgh with three new sites

Hyperlocal network from Scottish broadcaster STV has now gone live in six local authority areas across

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 15/02/11

Johnston Press chief: Local TV network should not get public money

Johnston Press chief executive John Fry has warned against the idea of a long-term public subsidy for a planned £25 million-a-year local TV network

Posted by Paul McNally on 26/01/11

Oxfordshire's good news station Witney TV to launch county-wide programme

Oxbox will be produced 'in the same light' as Witney TV, covering positive stories across the the county

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 20/01/11

Jeremy Hunt unveils plans for new local TV services

New national channel will provide local news and information via a number of regional services

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 19/01/11

Shott report recommends £25m trial for dozen local TV stations

Report commissioned by culture secretary Jeremy Hunt suggests local content could be delivered via digital TV in the short term and via internet TV services in the future

Posted by Laura Oliver on 14/12/10

The comprehensive spending review: what does it mean for local media?

Defence, public sector jobs and the retirement age may have made the headlines, but how will cuts to the BBC and local councils and new broadband services affect local media?

Posted by Laura Oliver on 21/10/10

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View TV Group plans to bring local TV to 660 UK towns

Local TV platform is in talks with 78 interested parties, including a newspaper group

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 22 July 2011

Hunt favours individual stations for local television plan

Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt changes his plan from a centralised service to a network of stations for local TV

Posted by Andy Halls on 20 July 2011

Guardian: Jeremy Hunt stakes his reputation on local television

Community purists fear 'Channel 6' will become just another national channel while others are sceptical of plan's commercial viability

Posted by Joel Gunter on 28 February 2011

Channel 6 to partner with universities across the UK

Channel 6, which is reportedly planning on bidding for the new national TV network, has plans underway to work with both Sunderland and Cardiff University

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 25 February 2011

Guardian: Greg Dyke's LTN group to bid for national TV network

Local Television Network is planning on bidding for a new national TV network announced by Jeremy Hunt at the Oxford Media Convention

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 23 February 2011

Jeremy Hunt on local TV plans: full speech

A new national television channel which will be devoted to providing local news and information via regional services, was announced by Jeremy Hunt

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 19 January 2011

Ofcom delivers local TV report to Department for Culture, Media and Sport

Department for culture, media and sport is considering an Ofcom report on ways the current system of public service broadcasting (PSB) might be changed

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 13 December 2010

Local TV operators criticise new service YouView in letter to Times

Plans for YouView, a new on-demand and internet-connected TV service have been criticised by local TV operators and production firms.

Posted by Laura Oliver on 5 October 2010

Jeremy Hunt: Providing local content should be condition of broadcasters' licences

Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt intends to make the provision of local content a condition of the licences given to commercial broadcasters like ITV, Channel 4 and Five

Posted by Joel Gunter on 28 September 2010

paidContent: Advisory panel preparing report on local TV development

A report on ways to establish new local TV services is due to be delivered to culture secretary Jeremy Hunt by the end of the month

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 13 September 2010

First local TV stations planned by Hunt to be licensed by 2012

Plans for local media include a relaxation of the rules governing cross-media ownership and for the first of Hunt's local TV stations to be licensed by summer 2012

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 16 July 2010

Jeremy Hunt: No local TV is one of biggest gaps in British broadcasting

New Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt tied his colours firmly to the local TV mast in his inaugural speech on the media and digital economy

Posted by Laura Oliver on 9 June 2010

Media Guardian: Regional news consortia will miss election contract deadline

Attempts to rush through plans for Independently Funded News Consortia before the general election, have failed

Posted by Laura Oliver on 8 April 2010

IFNC update: CN Group, STV, ITN and Bauer in race for news consortia pilots

Scottish broadcaster STV has confirmed its bid in partnership with ITN and Bauer Media for the independently funded news consortia pilot scheme in Scotland

Posted by Laura Oliver on 4 January 2010

SFNBlog: Local TV is 'most important' news source in US

SFN's World Digital Media Trends 2007 has reported that local TV news is rated 'as the most important news source,' followed by the internet

Posted by Judith Townend on 19 December 2008

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