Haymarket Media Group has a strong heritage in print, world-class web and mobile products, an exciting future in international markets with technology expertise at the core of Haymarket’s vision. Made up of three core divisions - Automotive, Haymarket Business and Haymarket Network. Haymarket has an impressive roster of owned brands and clients and is the UK’s largest privately owned specialist media company.

Haymarket Network, the content marketing agency within the Haymarket Media Group, has a long established relationship with Volkswagen Group UK. With a team of 15 editorial staff embedded within the VW Group’s UK offices, Haymarket Network are responsible for the editorial output of VW Group’s Internal Comms platform ‘VW Hub’, directly linking VWG Head Quarters with its UK-wide network of Dealerships.

Department Description

Haymarket Network is a content marketing agency and part of the Haymarket Media Group. It is founded on three pillars. Content. Audience. Digital. We create award-winning multi-platform content that drives engagement, creates behaviours and builds communities that benefit our clients and readers alike.

Role Summary

As content lead, reporting into the director of content, you will be responsible for leading an editorial group within the VWG Hub team as well as delivery of the day-to-day responsibilities as Editor for VWG brands.

You will develop and nurture talent, create best-in-class multi-media content and build excellent relationships with key brand stakeholders within VWG. The role is based in Milton Keynes but we would expect occasional travel to Haymarket’s offices in Twickenham, London.

Content Lead responsibilities:

  • Editorial/content experience and skills
  • Focussed on delivering a best in class suite of content led solutions
  • Works with insights from analytics in order to recommend ways to improve engagement on Hub
  • Confident presenter of new ideas and strategy
  • Autonomy/Judgement/Decision Making
  • Ability to navigate a complicated stakeholder environment
  • Able to confidently manage ‘upwards’ and ‘downwards’.

Managing Resources (People, Systems, Projects)

  • Responsible for line management and appraising staff
  • Ability to motivate and support colleagues and build a strong team ethos.
  • Understanding of how to manage workloads and resources to maximise output of the team

Relationship Management (internal, external, 3rd parties)

  • Naturally collaborative and solution focused
  • Highly visible
  • Work with VWG brand stakeholders and Haymarket Network leadership team.

Business Impact/Strategic Perspective

  • Maintains an awareness of industry developments
  • Identifies opportunities for additional business and work with commercial team to develop proposals
  • Technical & Professional Skills (Knowledge, Understanding, Experience, Education)
  • Ability to work closely with Network’s digital team to scope and test relevant solutions for Hub
  • Knowledge of current technology trends, methods & solutions

Editor responsibilities

  • Proactively engage with the brand team to ensure you have a positive relationship with them and they are confident to involve your editorial team at an early stage in the content-generation process, ie prior to brief so you can help shape content.
  • Engage with the brand team from the gestation of a story and leverage your editorial expertise to ensure all information is communicated effectively and meets user needs.
  • Present all content in an easy-to-use manner, using sophisticated editorial techniques such as standfirsts, bulletpoints, search-engine-optimised headlines and inverse-triangle story structure to ensure users can access information quickly and easily.
  • Apply your understanding of the retailers’ requirements to ensure content is directly targeted to their needs. Identify key information and ensure this is highlighted effectively. Ensure key words and phrases within the story are metatagged and linked to associated content.
  • Using your editing, news management and interviewing skills, and in conjunction with the brand team, identify which content items should take priority on the home page, and identify the life of the content before it is archived.
  • Undertake regular editorial meetings with the brand team to ensure content on the homepage is correctly weighted, stories are up-to-date, and to plan for forthcoming content/campaigns.
  • Ensure all content is effectively metatagged to allow the Hub’s search engine to function effectively. This will involve writing search-engine-optimised headlines and standfirsts, and manually adding effective metatags on the CMS.
  • Scour third-party content providers (newspapers, websites, magazines) to proactively identify content that is of interest to retailers, and recommend to the brand team that it is featured on the Hub. This will ensure retailers are up to speed with information available to their customers.
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the the brand strategy and retailer communication objectives. This will allow you to engage more effectively with the brand team and leverage your editorial expertise more effectively to deliver tightly-targeted content to users.
  • Leverage your market knowledge and editorial expertise to proactively contribute ideas towards the future development of the retailer portal, whether these be identifying new content formats (video, Podcasts, SMS, webinars), functionality (forums, voting mechanisms), or third-party content deals.
  • Ensure all content is posted onto the portal within 24 hours of initial receipt from the brand team, subject to the appropriate approvals being received. This will ensure all content is actioned in a timely fashion.
  • Ensure all content is approved by the relevant staff within the brand team and, if necessary, has been approved by legal. Ensure all content is double checked by a second person within your editorial team. This will ensure a robust quality-control process.
  • Ensure all retailer feedback is acknowledged and forwarded to the relevant member of staff within 24 hours of receipt. Ensure retailers’ expectations are proactively and robustly managed.
  • Via a weekly report to the brand on site traffic, story ratings, and story feedback, identify which content is most useful to users and tailor future content more effectively to their needs/identify why certain content was not of use and take steps to ensure it is more effective.
  • Support the director of content at all times to ensure the client’s needs are fulfilled. Leverage your understanding of the market, client and brand teams to offer innovative strategic solutions to issues, and propose additional content strategies that will increase the usefulness of desktop.
  • Meet all project KPIs agreed between Haymarket Network and VW Group.
  • Ensure all content complies with brand guidelines and objectives.
  • Ensure you represent Haymarket Network and VW Group in an appropriate way at all times.

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