Quartz seeks an experienced editor to provide maternity cover for our deputy global news editor in Europe.

This role involves working with editors and reporters to produce coverage with bracing creativity and ambition. The editor is involved in every aspect of Quartz’s journalism, from helping reporters develop story ideas and distinctive approaches to covering news, to planning for long-term projects, handling daily editorial needs, pitching in on production of our Daily Brief email newsletter and news app, and coordinating with colleagues in other regions on big, breaking news events.

The successful candidate will possess an obsessive interest in news, and be compelled to find the most original and smartest approaches for tackling it. They will be comfortable with formats other than 700-word articles (such as shorter pieces, photos, and charts) when they’re better for efficiently and effectively getting a story across, and will appreciate the value of approaching stories through the lenses of multiple Quartz obsessions.

The deputy editor will have a background in business and economic and/or news reporting, a facility with data, a love of clear writing, as well as a deep understanding of strategies and tactics for producing journalism that can find a broad readership online. The ability to juggle and prioritize multiple responsibilities, communicate well, and think on their feet will be essential.

International experience and languages are a plus.

Quartz, found online at qz.com, is a business news venture owned by Uzabase.

Enterprise Values

Quartz recruits talent for two salient attributes or qualities:

  • Force of Ideas: At the center of Quartz work are the ideas within our writing. We believe that ideas – to the good and not – have consequence. Our highest work is bringing rigor, insight, intellectual honesty, to that ultimate purpose of separating the bad from the good, and giving voice to the latter.
  • Spirit of Generosity: Quartz seeks in its ranks a spirit of generosity – a natural disposition in each colleague toward service and selfless conduct. Quartz writing should be cut from the same cloth – critical on the merits but informed by charity and forbearance in measuring motive and personal character.

Quartz is committed to excellence through diversity, which involves attracting talented people from diverse backgrounds and traditions. We encourage everyone to apply.

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