Job Purpose: 

To ensure regular monthly production of a high-quality journal that meets readers’ needs and competes successfully in its market.

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Maintain editorial quality
  • Develop and maintain the magazine’s online channel
  • Manage the staff of the magazine’s editorial team
  • Liaise with other departments, especially advertising, production and marketing. Also with sister publications.
  • Ensure the magazine is well represented at key industry events. Maintain the positive view of the magazine in the marketplace.



  • Research individual stories by interviewing key contacts and visiting locations across the country and abroad.
  • Build a network of contacts favourable to the magazine
  • Act as ambassador for the magazine by attending conferences, seminars, press launches and other events. Ensure the magazine is highly regarded in the marketplace
  • Chair, speak and make presentations at external events as needed
  • Monitor technical developments and political changes in the marketplace


  • Write editorial, accurately and to deadline


  • Lay out pages, accurately and to deadline

Issue planning

  • Maintain close and regular contact with production and sales departments, to ensure the smooth running of the production schedule
  • Oversee ongoing development of features and editorial content, both online and in print
  • Commission editorial contributions as needed


Strategic planning

  • Monitor editorial content to ensure it is of a high standard
  • Maintain close contact with advertising department to ensure that editorial content and advertising volumes remain balanced, and to maximise journal’s ad revenue potential
  • Maintain close contact with marketing department, to plan sponsorships, profile-raising and circulation enhancing activities
  • Monitor competitor activity


  • Help to manage the staff of the magazine’s editorial team; ensure they work to high standards at all times.

Success Criteria: 

  • Reader satisfaction.
  • Good reputation of journal in its market.
  • Work with advertising and marketing departments to bring in advertising and new readers is supported by the editorial quality of journal.
  • Completion of the job is to produce the best possible editorial, well written and visually attractive, meeting all production and editorial deadlines, within budget whilst having fun.

How to Apply:

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