Starling is a bank – but not as you know it. We have built a bank that will change people’s relationship with money and it’s our mission to give customers the opportunity to feel more in control of their everyday money and financial health – so they can enjoy the things that matter most. In 2016 we announced a funding round of US$70m and were approved as a bank by the regulator – one year later we became the first mobile-only current account in the UK.

There are FinTechs, challenger banks and me-too's out there, but Starling is in a category of one. You won't find us trying to fit into anyone else's image of what banking or tech start-up should look like. That's why this is also not a run-of-the-mill journalist, content or copywriting role: we are looking for someone that's also in a category of one.


You will have previously spent 2 years as a journalist or blogger with experience writing Money features.

You’re comfortable with the nitty-gritty of financial products and are now looking to see the inner workings of a bank for yourself by bringing your skills to one of the most exciting challenger banks.


Starling has a mission to relieve financial stress for consumers and small businesses across Europe. We believe our mission is more than just selling products. To help consumers and businesses really appreciate the pros and cons of financial products we are taking this a step further and introducing our in house function to fulfil this mission.


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