High-quality part-time researcher

We are looking for someone who can do background research on individuals as part of a new tech business podcast. 

Your goal will be to produce a report which covers 'everything the host needs to know' before they speak with the guest for the first time. Guests will have backgrounds ranging from business, science, investment and academia.

The key trait is being able to dig deep online to build a picture of who the individual is as a person (where they grew up, dreams, aspirations etc.) beyond just what is on their LinkedIn profile. All research can be done from your laptop from anywhere in the world, and the final output will typically consist of a 4-8 page report.

The role is part-time and the amount of work will vary based on the number of interviews that will take place. The applicant should therefore ideally be flexible (freelance?) in their work and be able to fit in producing these reports into existing work. 

You will be working closely with the podcast host and be expected to (eventually) work autonomously with minimal direction. At the start you will work with an existing researcher who will "show you the ropes" and make sure you are clear on how to produce the reports.

As a guideline, we pay £250 for each bio, each bio takes around 4-6 hours and there could be anywhere from 2-12 bios/ month.

Next steps

Please send a CV, cover letter and five bullet points you think the podcast host should know before speaking with Florian Reuter (CEO of Volocopter). Have the subject line as "Application for podcast research position" and send to hiring@cofruition.com

After this, the best applicants will be asked to complete a (paid) report to see how you work. The successful applicant(s) will start learning from the current researcher before taking over full ownership of the process asap.

Apply to:

Mr Sam Floy
United Kingdom

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