Your job is to ensure has the best financial content on the internet. You will need a journalism background to make sure your writers go back to original sources, verify facts, speak to companies, traders and regulators and produce award-winning content.

Too much of the internet is written by writers with no journalism training who research using Google and copy and paste error-strewn or unclear content, re-wording it slightly. You will lead the new internet revolution for properly-researched, well-written, unique content.

We need:

  1. 'How to' guides for everything from trading bitcoin, gold or forex to reading company accounts. And as new ideas develop, or trends change, these pages need to reflect that.
  2. 'Explainers' for major financial terms and instruments.
  3. The most detailed pages about tradeable assets that include their history, the key people involved, who owns and holds this asset and who short sells it, who the influencers are, what makes the price move, the biggest price moves ever, a chronology of events and what analysts say about this asset. And we need those pages updated constantly to remain topical and relevant.
  4. Sector analysis: everything you could ever need to know about a sector - insurance, banking, retail, mining, energy and more, with constantly updated sections to cover new entrants, M&A and modern disrupters.
  5. Analysis of new IPOs and new markets.

You will work with a team of commissioning editors (two already employed) and in-house and freelance writers, liaising with our news team and our SEO experts and consultants.

You will work with our data journalism team on live tools that help tell a story or bring new evidence to articles. You will work with photographers and illustrators. And you will liaise with our compliance team to ensure nothing we do could be construed as giving financial advice - we are steadfastly neutral and professional.

Soon you will also feed in to our new film unit, which will produce high-quality films from some of your material.

You will have:

  • The experience and management skills necessary to demonstrate you can run a large team and significant budget and keep a clear schedule of content regularly produced and updated.
  • The highest editorial standards: you will know when to use a semi-colon and the difference between which and that.
  • Great legal knowledge, and a willingness to learn the additional restraints of compliance with domestic and international regulation.
  • A grasp of SEO but a hatred of keyword stuffing and poor writing.
  • Fact-checking skills - if we cannot prove it with an original source, we are not saying it.
  • The ability to work with an international team around the world - we are a global company with new offices opening all the time in multiple timezones.
  • A sense of humour - we are not so up ourselves we cannot have a laugh.

A strong plus would be:

  1. Knowledge of markets and trading.
  2. Understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.
  3. A contacts book of writers.
  4. Experience of recruiting and managing an international team.

What we offer:

  • A good salary. The minimum salary for this job if you are in the UK is £50k. Demonstrate why you are worth more and we wll respect that. We can pay good local salaries in USD$ and euros€.
  • The ability to work from our other offices and remotely.
  • A growing range of benefits (holidays, pension, medical insurance etc) as we switch from being a start-up to a leading financial services company.
  • A supportive environment, training and learning opportunities and team working.

What is is a stockbroker and online/app-based trading platform that is regulated in the UK, Europe and in an increasing number of countries around the world.

In spring 2021, established a 24/5 news and editorial team with staff in north America and Asia Pacific as well as the UK. It will move to 24/7 before the year is out.

Capital is currently headhunting a top film unit as part of its significant investment in the highest quality financial content. Current staff have come from Bloomberg, the FT, The Economist and many others.

Apply to:

Apply to:

Ms Natalia Kuzhelevich
Capital Com (UK) Limited
4th Floor, 64-65 Vincent Square
United Kingdom

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