Mobile journalism

Tool for journalists: Wire, for safely sending and receiving sensitive material

This free app for Android and iOS devices will help journalists protect their sources

Posted by Caroline Scott on 31/07/17

3 iOS apps for sharing article pull quotes to social media

Read, highlight and share quotes on the go with these simple yet effective apps

Posted by Caroline Scott on 24/07/17

Mobile journalism helps reporters get closer to the story, new Reuters Institute research finds

The report found interviewees are more likely to talk to a journalist with mobile equipment than traditional-looking TV crews

Posted by Caroline Scott on 17/07/17

'It’s about being ready if something happens in front of your eyes' – Q&A with mobile journalist Nico Piro

The winner of The Premiolino, Italy’s oldest and most prestigious journalism award, tells us why every reporter should learn mojo skills

Posted by Caroline Scott on 14/07/17

Tip: Take note of these recommendations for editing smartphone footage on desktop

Check out these tips using desktop software to make the most of video shot on mobile

Posted by Caroline Scott on 11/07/17

App for journalists: Enlight Photofox, for creative photo editing

This free iOS app helps you turn your camera roll photos into eye-catching graphics for social media

Posted by Caroline Scott on 10/07/17

How an RTÉ mobile journalist covered 'Ireland by bike' using his iPhone and a set of wheels

Reporter Cian McCormack told about his cycling trip around the country, producing daily radio reports for RTÉ Radio 1's Morning Ireland programme

Posted by Caroline Scott on 06/07/17

'One man, his bike, and a lot of patience': How RTÉ produced a travel series using mobile journalism

Reporter Cian McCormack has just completed the third 'Ireland by Bike' series for the Irish broadcaster

Posted by Caroline Scott on 03/07/17

Tip: Consider these key points to record good quality audio on mobile

When it comes to mobile journalism, sound is paramount

Posted by Jessica Graf on 14/06/17

The Daily Vox is using Instagram to tell the story of Ramadan

'We wanted to take our audience on a photographic journey – there is a lot of information about Ramadan that doesn't generally get into the public eye'

Posted by Caroline Scott on 12/06/17

'Tell personal stories to help explain the big issues in the news' – Q&A with mobile journalist Wytse Vellinga

The mobile journalist and trainer explains how he uses his mobile phone to get closer to his audience

Posted by Caroline Scott on 22/05/17

Mobile journalism is helping CBC focus on digital storytelling

'It was a complete reversal of the usual way of doing things, which is starting with the television pack and seeing what else you had time for'

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 18/05/17

3 smartphone apps for creating time-lapse videos on the go

Check out these free apps to make stunning visuals for social media

Posted by Jessica Graf on 16/05/17

From radio journalism to digital-first: Q&A with Nick Garnett, BBC Radio 5 Live

Nick Garnett of BBC Radio 5 Live is now a digital-first journalist after many years in radio storytelling. What does this change mean in practice?

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 12/05/17

Is Android the future of mobile journalism?

Elizabeth Mearns, BBC, explains how professionals outside Europe and the US are choosing to use Android devices. Is it time we got out of our iOS bubble?

Posted by Caroline Scott on 11/05/17

Mobile journalism at CBC: Enthusiasm is contagious

A phone's battery can die after three minutes of filming in the cold, so how do CBC's mobile journalists cover stories in Northern Canada?

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 10/05/17

The importance of undertaking risk assessments: 'No story is worth dying for'

Advancements in mobile journalism mean reporters are working alone now more than ever, so how should they protect themselves out in the field?

Posted by Caroline Scott on 08/05/17

Why using Snapchat can make you a better storyteller

The Stories format can now be found on other social networks – what can Snapchat still offer storytellers?

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 05/05/17

Storytellers who don't tell stories? SVT's mobile journalism journey

Journalists were missing out on stories waiting for the camera crews to arrive. Here's how the newsroom transformed its workflow

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 05/05/17

App for journalists: PowerDirector, for advanced video editing on Android

This free app allows you to produce news packages for social media, broadcast and online

Posted by Jessica Graf on 24/04/17

Tool for journalists: Shoulderpod X1 Pro, a production rig for your smartphone and accessories

Sponsored: This light and sturdy piece of kit allows reporters to easily add microphones, lights and extra batteries to their mobile devices

Posted by Guest author on 24/04/17

App for journalists: Clips, for creating videos with animated captions

This free iOS app allows mobile journalists to create short videos with text, stickers and music

Posted by Jessica Graf on 19/04/17

Tip: Tools and equipment advice for the beginner and more advanced mobile journalist

Check out this guide for a list of apps, tools and hardware to try out when getting your mojo on

Posted by Jessica Graf on 12/04/17

With a 90 minute Facebook Live, CBC Calgary wants to 'flip the traditional broadcast-to-social workflow'

The show, produced entirely on iPhones, will be condensed into an hour-long programme for television

Posted by Caroline Scott on 10/04/17

App for journalists: Lexis Audio Editor, for editing audio files on your smartphone

This free Android app enables journalists to record and edit one or more audio files on a single-track editor

Posted by Caroline Scott on 03/04/17

RTÉ is producing a new video series for Facebook using only mobile devices

The broadcaster is aiming to engage audiences on social media with stories that 'aren't on the TV news agenda'

Posted by Caroline Scott on 28/03/17

Tip: Check out this advice for capturing better photos with your smartphone

Improve the images you take with your phone with these tips for mobile journalists everywhere

Posted by Caroline Scott on 27/03/17

News outlet KentOnline increases mobile journalism output using MojoReporter tool

Sponsored: Since it started using the mobile content creation app, the publisher has seen a big increase in audience engagement

Posted by Guest author on 27/03/17

App for journalists: Google Street View, for capturing 360-degree photos

Reporters can use this free iOS and Android app to take spherical images using their phones

Posted by Caroline Scott on 13/03/17

App for journalists: Switcher Go, for more engaging Facebook Lives

Use this free iOS app to add images, pre-recorded video and your organisation's logo to your live streams

Posted by Caroline Scott on 06/03/17

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