Mobile journalism

5 crowdsourced tips for managing storage on your smartphone

Get to grips with handling large files on your device, and never miss a shot again

Posted by Caroline Scott on 21/11/17

3 free Android apps for making cinemagraphs on the go

Tired of using gifs? Make your photographs come alive with elements of subtle motion

Posted by Caroline Scott on 20/11/17

Throwback Thursday: Mobile journalism, video on the web and 'holding back the pace of change online'

From the archives: In November 2007, Reuters was experimenting with mobile journalism, and online video production was 'slowed down' by a lack of experience

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 02/11/17

How to record and publish podcasts using Anchor

Whether you own an iPhone or an Android device, you have an audio production tool in your pocket

Posted by Caroline Scott on 30/10/17

App for journalists: VeeR Editor, for editing 360-degree video on your smartphone

Check out this free app for editing your spherical footage on the go

Posted by Caroline Scott on 27/10/17

How to broadcast live with another person on Instagram

Conduct video interviews remotely by livestreaming from two accounts at the same time, through a single feed

Posted by Caroline Scott on 25/10/17

Prothom Alo is building the largest mobile journalism network in Bangladesh

Jamil Khan, mobile specialist, Prothom Alo, explains how the newspaper now has 184 trained mobile journalists, one year on since it started experimenting

Posted by Caroline Scott on 17/10/17

Tip: Check out these free tools for mobile audio

Recording and sharing on the go? Some of these apps could help

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 16/10/17

Tackling wind and crowds on a small budget: Mobile journalism in the Falkland Islands

Paula Fowmes, station manager, Falkland Islands Television, tells us how smartphones have helped one of the smallest national television stations produce content for TV and social media

Posted by Caroline Scott on 25/09/17

How to record and edit videos on your iPhone with Videon

The iOS app enables on-the-go journalists to capture and edit news packages using a simple workflow

Posted by Caroline Scott on 18/09/17

App for journalists: Plotagraph, for animating photos on your iPhone

This iOS app allows journalists to produce beautiful, eye-catching images for sharing on social media

Posted by Caroline Scott on 18/09/17

How to collect, organise and showcase your work in one place, without paying a penny

Sponsored: Wakelet allows journalists to showcase their work in a matter of minutes

Posted by Guest author on 15/09/17

What journalists and filmmakers need to know about iOS 11

Marc Settle, BBC smartphone specialist, gives his annual review of the new version of iOS

Posted by Marc Settle on 13/09/17

App for journalists: Tailor, for stitching your iPhone's screenshots together

This free iOS app will turn your series of images into a single, seamless picture for sharing on social media

Posted by Caroline Scott on 12/09/17

How a Vox reporter uses social audiences to inspire his latest video series

Video reporter Johnny Harris gives us an insight into the production of Borders, the upcoming international documentary series from Vox

Posted by Caroline Scott on 23/08/17

Why mobile will dominate news media by 2020

Advances in technology will change both the way journalists work and audiences consume content

Posted by Caroline Scott on 21/08/17

Tool for journalists: Fader, for producing 360-degree videos on your computer

No VR gadgets, budget or experience? No problem – use this tool to create your own spherical videos for social

Posted by Caroline Scott on 17/08/17

Tip: Bookmark this advice when buying a mic for your smartphone

You've come to the right place to learn what you need about adapters, Tip Ring Sleeve (TRS) and Tip Ring Ring Sleeve (TRRS) mic jacks

Posted by Caroline Scott on 09/08/17

3 free Android apps to record phone calls made with your smartphone

Need an interview recording for transcription? Need proof of what's been said? Check out these simple apps to record and share your phone conversations

Posted by Caroline Scott on 09/08/17

Tool for journalists: Wire, for safely sending and receiving sensitive material

This free app for Android and iOS devices will help journalists protect their sources

Posted by Caroline Scott on 31/07/17

3 iOS apps for sharing article pull quotes to social media

Read, highlight and share quotes on the go with these simple yet effective apps

Posted by Caroline Scott on 24/07/17

Mobile journalism helps reporters get closer to the story, new Reuters Institute research finds

The report found interviewees are more likely to talk to a journalist with mobile equipment than traditional-looking TV crews

Posted by Caroline Scott on 17/07/17

'It’s about being ready if something happens in front of your eyes' – Q&A with mobile journalist Nico Piro

The winner of The Premiolino, Italy’s oldest and most prestigious journalism award, tells us why every reporter should learn mojo skills

Posted by Caroline Scott on 14/07/17

Tip: Take note of these recommendations for editing smartphone footage on desktop

Check out these tips using desktop software to make the most of video shot on mobile

Posted by Caroline Scott on 11/07/17

App for journalists: Enlight Photofox, for creative photo editing

This free iOS app helps you turn your camera roll photos into eye-catching graphics for social media

Posted by Caroline Scott on 10/07/17

How an RTÉ mobile journalist covered 'Ireland by bike' using his iPhone and a set of wheels

Reporter Cian McCormack told about his cycling trip around the country, producing daily radio reports for RTÉ Radio 1's Morning Ireland programme

Posted by Caroline Scott on 06/07/17

'One man, his bike, and a lot of patience': How RTÉ produced a travel series using mobile journalism

Reporter Cian McCormack has just completed the third 'Ireland by Bike' series for the Irish broadcaster

Posted by Caroline Scott on 03/07/17

Tip: Consider these key points to record good quality audio on mobile

When it comes to mobile journalism, sound is paramount

Posted by Jessica Graf on 14/06/17

The Daily Vox is using Instagram to tell the story of Ramadan

'We wanted to take our audience on a photographic journey – there is a lot of information about Ramadan that doesn't generally get into the public eye'

Posted by Caroline Scott on 12/06/17

'Tell personal stories to help explain the big issues in the news' – Q&A with mobile journalist Wytse Vellinga

The mobile journalist and trainer explains how he uses his mobile phone to get closer to his audience

Posted by Caroline Scott on 22/05/17

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