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Having worked with some of the best and brightest in the entertainment industry, celeb personal trainer Niki Wibrow is now set to launch her new 404040 Plan just after Christmas. 

Noticing that most healthy living plans were targeted at younger consumers, Niki set out to create something tailored specifically to a demographic often overlooked – the over-40s. Drawing on her own experience keeping fit and fabulous after 40, Niki has crafted a plan which is at once achievable and aspirational. "I'm 50, and I'm always told I look great – and much younger than my years," says Niki. "I'm frequently asked, 'How do you stay in such good shape at 50?' This plan holds all the answers." 

Sharing the secrets of her own success, Niki's 404040 Plan provides the recipes she swears by and the actual exercises she does herself to stay in shape. 

With ringing endorsements from celebrity fans such as BBC Radio's Sara Cox, a whole host of celebrity clients trust Niki to help them craft the healthy body they want – allowing them to keep up with the demands of busy, high-pressure modern life. 

The 404040 Plan has already undergone a comprehensive trial of 40 over 40s, with fantastic results. Those who tried it credit the plan with feeling more energetic, toning up, and losing weight. 

Comprised of 40 exercises and 40 recipes over 40 days, the 404040 Plan caters not only to the over-40s but to the whole family, removing the need to cook separate meals. The exercises are presented in the form of workout films that are professionally presented and easy to follow. All meals are family-friendly, quick and easy to prepare, with ingredients that are easy to source – helping to make this plan budget-friendly as well as effective. 

"There are many fitness plans for the younger generation, but not much that caters for the largest segment of the UK population; those in their 40s and 50s," Niki adds. "I intend to change that with my new 404040 Plan." 

The 404040 Plan launches on 26th December 2017, making it perfect for getting in shape after the festive indulgence of the Christmas season. Register via the website before 1 January 2018 to save £40. 

Find out more about the plan at the official website

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