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Zite: A look inside the 'smarter' social reader app

A Q&A with Mark Johnson, CEO of personalised magazine app Zite, which was bought by CNN last year

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 13/06/12

Q&A: Martin Belam on why he is leaving the Guardian and what he is doing next

User experience lead at the Guardian and blogger Martin Belam speaks to about the news outlet, the state of the national press and why he is setting up his own consultancy

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 11/06/12

Digging into The Detail: Investigative and data journalism in Northern Ireland

Editor of The Detail Ruth O'Reilly speaks to about the investigative journalism news site just over a year in, and the growth of data journalism on the platform in recent months

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 07/06/12

'The news show': Lessons in digital journalism design with RGB Media

One of the founders of RGB Media Grig Davidovitz explains why news outlets need to focus not just on the information they share, but the experience they offer along the way

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 06/06/12

How news outlets are covering the Diamond Jubilee

With the nation prepared for a long weekend to celebrate 60 years of the Queen's reign, we look at how some newsrooms are covering royal festivities

Posted by Daniel Bentley on 01/06/12

#GEN2012: How news organisations are embracing liveblog coverage

The BBC, Le Figaro newspaper and AFP news agency discuss their experiments with live online coverage and the massive potential it has for publishers

Posted by Paul McNally on 31/05/12

Seven tips in digital storytelling from the New York Times and CNN

A round-up of the discussion held today at the News World Summit on the evolution of the news story

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 31/05/12

#GEN2012: How audiences will take control of BBC Olympic coverage

Speaking at #GEN2012, general manager of news and knowledge at the BBC Phil Fearnley outlines the broadcaster's new live interactive video player

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 30/05/12

How MSN UK is amplifying the 'best of now' with new social features

MSN UK has launched a number of new features such as #socialvoices, which is recruiting writers to amplify original content on social platforms, and visualisations of trending terms on Twitter

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 30/05/12

A catch-up with Storify: The past, present and future

We speak to co-founder Burt Herman about the role of curation in digital storytelling and find out what future areas the platform is looking at for future development

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 29/05/12

Lessons from Slovenia's national paywall four months after launch

Reaction from publishers, journalists and academics to Slovenia's national paywall, which launched in January

Posted by Jonathan Knott on 28/05/12

Freelancer of the Fortnight: Charlotte Clark catches up with a member of its freelance community. Charlotte Clark is a freelance writer, editor and sub-editor based in Chelmsford

Posted by Ed Martin on 28/05/12

A guide for online publishers on the new EU cookie rules

The Information Commissioners Office and chair of the Association of Online Publishers outline what the EU cookie directive means and what will be expected from online news outlets

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 23/05/12

Why digital journalists should pay attention to developments in prosecuting guidance

In an interview with director of public prosecutions Keir Starmer explains why it is important for news outlets in traditional and digital media to engage with the CPS on prosecuting guidelines

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 22/05/12

How ITV News re-invented its website with live streams of news

Jason Mills, editor of web development for ITV News, explains the news site has been re-imagined as 'people now are used to consuming content in a stream, from Twitter to Facebook timelines'

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 22/05/12

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