Conversations about the future of journalism should not be approached with a "sense of extremism", director of global news Peter Horrocks warned today.

Speaking at the BBC Social Media Summit, Horrocks added it is important for the culture of a newsroom for participants to be respectful of each other.

"Many people in newsrooms live in the moment. Their great skill is being reactive to events, they are not necessarily that interested in thinking ahead about the future of journalism, and that's fine.

"In the way that people who are enthusiastic about the future of journalism conduct themselves, that it's really important they're persuading people and carrying them with us.

"It's got to be a balance of the different cultures. Got to be carrots and sticks. It has to start with a clear vision of what we're trying to achieve as news organisations."

He added those interested in the future of journalism need to accept that an attitude of "extremism" will not work in encouraging others to respond.

"It shouldn't be that those with a greater interest, approach it from a sense of extremism. Recently we made some changes to the comments function to introduce a word limit. The response amongst zealots was as if it infringed some law of nature, as if it was somehow laid down by Moses. This is all new stuff.

"We've got to change things, you can't assume this is all fixed. People who are more conservative and less willing to move rapidly will respond really badly to that kind of extremism. It has got to be a coalition of interests.

"We need for all of us to be respectful of each other in the way we carry out change."

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