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Next month (6 June 2019), BuzzFeed UK will be launching a weekly live broadcast exclusively on Twitter called #What2Watch.

It will be hosted by social media editor, BuzzFeed UK Dionne Grant and journalist Scott Bryan.

The duo will take a look at the latest programmes on linear and non-linear television, including reviews, recaps and games.

The new initiative is looking to leverage BuzzFeed UK's social media presence and engage with new audiences. Journalism.co.uk finds out more from the minds behind #Watch2Watch, by speaking to Grant, Bryan and Brant McLean, commercial director, BuzzFeed UK.

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Why Twitter? Why not another social media platform or the website?

Bryan: It all started after I was having a bit of a rant on Twitter. I thought to myself that there were TV shows that regularly reviewed films, but there were no TV shows that regularly reviewed what was all on TV. I thought this was a bit weird, seeing as we are having one of the greatest expansions of this medium ever, not just with Netflix but with Amazon Prime and now Apple on its way too.

The issue here is that currently we have so many shows to watch, yet trying to find the right new show can be, for all of us, rather disorientating.

Another Twitter user said that we should approach Twitter about a sort of show, and it instantly clicked. We all go on Twitter not just talk about TV incessantly, but it is also the place where we find out about new shows that are worth getting into from who we follow. Twitter is also a great neutral space to be honest about what is on television. Twitter were keen from the start and the rest, as they say, is history.

What metrics will be most meaningful to inform what topics are trending?

Grant: In collaboration with Twitter we will be looking at what shows people are talking about; all this data will inform the conversations on the show. We can even find out things like which emoji people use most in their discussions about shows. Trends are always informing how BuzzFeed moves forward.

The show’s live stream will be free and accessible globally on Twitter. You can join the conversation via #What2Watch or @What2Watch, and viewers' real time questions and comments will be brought in throughout the show.

Will the content be made bespoke for the programme or leveraged from other parts of the organisation?

Bryan: Everything will be made just for the show. We will be starting off with a few reviews of shows that you have been recommending and ones that we have been recommending. We will look back at the week just gone by and the week yet to come and also interview stars of the show worth having on your radar.

Is there any scope to push out BuzzFeed News content on #What2Watch? We have seen BuzzFeed News venture onto Netflix in recent times, will there be any such mention for those types of projects?

Bryan: If the content suits it, sure. We try to be on top of television but nobody is the true master of it, because it is impossible to keep on top of it. So if we know of a BuzzFeed News expert on a particular television topic, or if they have reported on a big story that is worth talking about, or if they simply are a big fan or expert of a show, we will have them on to talk about it.

After the live broadcast, will the content remain only on Twitter or be reused on other channels or platforms?

Grant: We’ll be posting clips across Twitter and on our website once our show has aired.

What is the monetisation strategy for this project?

McLean: Our strategy is to partner with Twitter to reach the right audience and then finding sponsors either within the show or as pre-roll elements around it.

Of course, you can reach Journalism.co.uk on Twitter too.

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