Cardboard Camera
Credit: Images by Cardboard Camera

What is it? An app that allows users to take 360-degree images with their smartphone for viewing in Google Cardboard.

Cost: Free

Devices: iOS and Android

How is it of use to journalists?

Producing 360-degree footage can seem daunting to those who haven't tried it, but Cardboard Camera enables journalists looking to explore this new format to easily give it a go by themselves.

What's more, this free app lets reporters easily share their work with their audience, allowing anyone with a Google Cardboard viewer to see it for themselves.

The app simulates depth with the photos, making them 3D as opposed to flat images – this means that things close to you seem closer, and objects in the distance seem further away. Additionally, audio can also be recorded as images are captured, making for a more immersive viewing experience.

Image from Cardboard Camera on Google Play

Get started by pressing the camera image on the bottom-right of the screen. You'll be prompted to hold your phone in portrait mode prior to start shooting a 360-degree image.

If you don't want to capture the surrounding audio along with the picture, keep the audio icon on the right of the screen unchecked. Simply tap it once to remove the audio function and focus on the image only.

Once your camera is steady and upright, press and hold the large red record button at the bottom of the screen. Slowly pan to the right while keeping the orange arrow on the horizontal guideline.

When you are finished, let go of the record button and the app will stitch your 360-degree image together – this takes about 10 seconds.

Images will be stored to a virtual picture gallery within the app.

To view your picture, select it from the preview screen and click on the orange cardboard symbol which appears at the bottom, which will split the image into two.

Image from Cardboard Camera on Google Play

Place your phone into your Google Cardboard to view your image. Remember to turn the sound up if you recorded it with the audio on.

Click the share button on the preview screen and choose an app to send it through, or send a link to it via email. Viewers will need to open the image within their Cardboard Camera app to see it in 360 degrees.

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