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Credit: Image by Splash

What is it? An app designed to create immersive 360-degree visuals on your mobile.

Devices: iOS

How is it of use to journalists?: Splash has been designed to allow users to quickly produce and share 360-degree experiences that can be viewed on smartphones as well as VR headsets like Google Cardboard.

After logging in with your email or Facebook details, users can view other 'Splashes' from around the world, or get started creating your own.

Keeping the camera steady, hold the capture button to start recording video, or press it once to take an image. By titling your phone in all directions, you then continue to capture your surroundings with a mix of photos and videos, stitching them together in an immersive collage.

Screenshots of Splash

When you are done, simply click the green tick in the corner of your screen to share to Facebook or the Splash community. Other users can 'like' your Splash by tapping on the screen as they are watching it.

Although the app still has some teething problems with stitching footage together smoothly, it is an interesting development in bridging the gap between VR content creation and social distribution so well worth experimenting with.

We also recommend checking out Bubbli – for capturing and sharing spherical photographs using your mobile.

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