StoryFlow app

What is it? A toolkit for social media storytellers, to create stylish Stories ready to upload and share

Price: Free, with in-app purchases for extra templates

Devices: iOS

How is it of use to journalists?

An increasing number of journalists and news organisations are embracing the Stories format as a way to engage with younger audiences, but making their posts stand out on the platform can be challenging.

But with 400m daily users on Instagram Stories alone, the sequences of videos and images, often containing text, gifs and music, are a hit with younger audiences, and we are seeing an increasing amount of news organisations experimenting with the feature.

Free iOS app Storyflow aims to make it easier to create polished content faster, using a variety of templates that you simply customise to suit your brand.

Like Unfold, the app can help you breathe life into your storytelling, with set templates that you can pick from and customise.

So, how do you get started?

Once you have opened the app, tap the 'plus' icon to start a new project. You will then see a variety of templates in different categories, which can change as the app updates.

Next, choose the style you would like to use.

The template will prompt you to which part can be customised. Start by double-tapping an image space to add a photo from your camera roll or camera, and watch your picture jump into position.

The tools at the bottom of your screen will enable you to add more picture layers and text, altering the colour, font and size.

Screenshots with StoryFlow

You can also use the 'plus' icon at the bottom of the screen to add additional text or images – although we would advise sticking to the template to avoid cluttering up your story post.

No doubt you will need to add another slide to your story post. Rather than starting a new project, tap the left icon at the bottom of the screen to create another 'page' within your story.

Simply repeat the project until you are happy with it, before saving to your camera roll.

All the individual slides will save to your phone's camera roll, ready to be uploaded to your Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or Snapchat feed.

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