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App of the week for journalists: Write for Dropbox

Devices: iPhone and iPad

Cost: £1.49

What is it? A text editor app for jotting down notes and saving the file to Dropbox.

You can also send the note as an email, publish to the web (via Dropbox), add it to your 'reminders' app, save to Evernote, Google Drive or send it as an SMS message, a tweet or to Facebook.

How is it of use to journalists?

Have you ever started making notes for a story on your iPhone or iPad? And have you then copied and pasted the notes and sent yourself an email with them in? This app will make that process much more efficient.

Write for Dropbox is a note-taking app that allows you to write in markdown, a simple markup language.

Write for Dropbox phone

There are a few gestures to learn, such as swipe down which saves the file to Dropbox, letting you access it from your desktop computer.

One of the sharing options allows you to email the document as HTML, which can then be copied to your CMS, complete with links and any other styling you have added.

There are other similar apps, with Byword being another option we like, which is a previous app of the week for journalists.

Write for Dropbox has a couple of great features for those who own more than one iOS device. There is a remote keyboard option that allows you to use one iOS device as a keyboard while you use the other device as writing area. So you might choose to use your iPad as a keyboard and your iPhone as a screen.

Write for Dropbox two screens

There's also a remote clipboard which means you can use one device as a clipboard while you continue working within the Write for Dropbox app on the other device.

To do this you simply have to open the app on the second device and enable clipboard mode. You can now open any app you want to and anything you copy will be sent over to the host device.

You no doubt have a four number passcode set up on your iPhone or iPad but the app also offers a second password lock feature, which is an extra security measure to take if you are taking notes for a story.

Write for Dropbox also has a night mode and brightness control.

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