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Credit: Image courtesy of JoeAllenPro
What is it?: An app that allows you to record a piece to camera with your mobile's front camera whilst reading your script, making for smoother takes and a sharper presentation style.

Devices: iOS

Cost: £5.99, with a free version to be released later this month.

How is it of use to journalists? Mobile devices are increasingly being used in broadcast news, either when professional equipment is unavailable or impractical in remote locations.

Reporters often have to film and edit a package on their smartphone, which can include recording a piece to camera.

Video Teleprompter is the equivalent of an autocue for mobile and allows journalists to upload a script and record video simultaneously, making for more prepared presentations.

How does it work?
Once you open the app, you will see the image from the front camera next to a sample script. Simply select the text and paste your own into the box, or compose it by using your device's keypad.

If you would like to upload a script from another application, such as an email attachment or Dropbox, tap and hold the file, select 'Open in…', then 'Open in Video Teleprompter'. This will work with a .txt, .rtf, .doc or .docx file.

You are then ready to press record and start presenting. Once you have finished, your video will automatically appear in your camera roll, water-mark free, ready to be uploaded online or edited. (Note: the free version will leave a watermark.)
Video Teleprompter app
Screenshot of Video teleprompter app. Image courtesy of JoeAllenPro.

Video Teleprompter will automatically scroll your scripts on the side of the display closest to the device's front-facing camera, helping to stop wandering eyes – giving pieces to camera a professional feel.

The size and speed of the scrolling text can be altered to suit your preferences and if you are using an iPad, a countdown timer is available (lasting up to 30 seconds). If preferred, you can opt for the app to begin recording up to five seconds before the countdown ends.

JoeAllenPro has also developed two similar apps which journalists may find useful. Teleprompter Premium (£7.99) does not let you record video, as it is designed to be used with external cameras and professional mirror rigs, although you can purchase this feature with an in-app video recording plugin.

Teleprompter Lite is a free version of Teleprompter Premium, but lacks certain features such as Bluetooth control and time scrolling.

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