Comment platform Disqus has announced plans to introduce a new way for publishers to earn a revenue share from recommended content in Disqus's 'discovery' box.

Disqus launched the discovery box earlier this year as part of Disqus 2012, to help users "discover other interesting stories and chatter happening on your site".

Now it has announced the planned launch of 'promoted discovery' which means promoted content, supplied by Disqus's advertising partners, will be added to the discovery box.

"These could be articles, blog posts, videos and discussions happening on Disqus."

The publisher hosting the discovery box will then be able to earn money by users clicking on the "promoted recommendations".

According to the announcement, this model is "the first opportunity for publishers to make money through Disqus".

Disqus told Journalism.co.uk that while promoted discovery has not yet been launched on sites, a pilot programme will be introduced soon.

Publishers will be able to blacklist "certain types of content" and there is an opt out option "at any time", Disqus added in an announcement.

"We'll begin to gradually roll out promoted discovery later this month with the first revenue share payments occurring later this year."

In its FAQs Disqus adds that revenue earned will vary based on factors such as click-through rates and traffic. In order to receive a revenue share, however, publishers must earn "a minimum of $100 within one year of signing up for promoted discovery".

"When you hit the $100 minimum, you will be paid within 90 days of the end of the quarter."

The revenue share percentage may also vary, Disqus adds, "depending on costs, content and performance".

"We will continue to ensure publishers get optimal revenue and traffic benefit."

Disqus is used by a number of news outlets online to manage comments, including Journalism.co.uk, as well as the websites for the Independent, the Telegraph, the Washington Post and Time.com.

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