World News iPad app

A world news video app has launched for iPad which offers video coverage of breaking international news, including TV reports, raw videos, and documentaries.

The curated video news app has been funded by the Bertha Foundation, a London-based philanthropic initiative which backs media projects that create positive social change.

The free app, Link TV World News, launched earlier this week.

According to a release, it focuses "solely on offering a curated selection of global news videos culled from more than 125 video news sources from around the world, as well as placing an emphasis on vetted raw, eyewitness videos".

Sources include Al Jazeera, Associated Press, CNN, the Telegraph, and more.

The release adds that the app uses "semantic smart search technology to unearth the most relevant and informative articles from more than 50,000 international news sources".

The app also includes a 'take action' tool that encourages social activism, such as donations, volunteering, or asking video viewers to sign a petition.

Asked by email about the decision to back the app, which was developed by US TV network Link TV, Lara Tabatznik from Bertha Philanthropies Services, which provides advisory services to the foundation, said: "We are responding to the changing technology and media landscape.

"We believe people are crying out for 'real news', a trusted platform which curates a diversity of voices and sources –  at the same time it is both instant and portable."

She added that the foundation is hoping the app, which launched in the same week as Hurricane Sandy struck, a major world news story of a highly visual nature, "will enable people to dive deeper into issues" as they can "watch news footage and also learn more through related documentaries and articles".

"Hopefully this will evoke a stronger connection between the viewer to the subject and inspire action." 

Asked about the editorial values of the video app, which is curated by algorithm rather than an editor, Tabatznik said: "By providing people a diversity of voices from various platforms, editorially, we hope people will make informed conclusions about the news."

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