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Let's face it: the easier an app is to use, the more reporters can spend time focusing on the story rather than the technology.

Fortunately, mobile journalists now have a wide array of apps to choose from, that can do anything from adding text onto pictures to creating 360-degree videos – it is just a case of choosing the one that works best for you.

The creators of Velapp describe the free iOS app as "the world's most natural video editor", because there are no post-production skills needed – users simply start filming, press an icon on the screen when something particularly noteworthy happens, and watch their edited video almost immediately after they stop filming.

Velapp is great if you are looking to push out quick clips on the go, as you can do so without spending time to use post-production editing apps, or merging multiple clips together. Users can even alter the length of the video depending on the social platform they will be sharing it to.

Screenshot from Velapp in the AppStore

So, how does it work?

Once you have loaded Velapp, the in-app camera will launch straight away. You will notice a red circular icon on the right – this is your record button, which you will also use to select the video highlights as they happen.

Once you tap the button to start recording, it will turn blue. As you record your shot, be it footage from a parade, sporting competition or protest, press the blue icon when something exciting happens – a noteworthy activity you definitely want included in the final video.

The harder you press and hold the blue button down for, the more important the shot is to you – a rating from one to 10 will appear and count up as you hold, with 10 being the most important.

When you are done, lift your finger off the screen and continue recording. To end the recording, tap the red circular button.

Next, use the slider on the right of the screen to alter the length of the final video – the shorter you want your final clip to be, the more highlights in your video you will have to leave out, starting with the lowest rated one.

So if you want your final video to be only a few seconds long, you might only be able to keep a couple of your highest rated highlights, whereas a longer video would enable you to keep more of your footage in.

Once you are done editing, tap ‘Go’ and your edited video will be ready to watch, share through email or WhatsApp, or publish on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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