An iPad app that allows you to log rushes and ditch the clipboard

Credit: Image by DaveCrosby on Flickr. Some rights reserved

A former ITN journalist who now works as an independent filmmaker has launched an iPad app for logging key quotes or moments during an interview.

James Woodman created the TimeQuote app, which lets you log points in an interview as you record it.

The app was designed with video journalists in mind, but could also work for logging and taking notes during an audio interview or live event. tested it out and found it easy to use, with clear benefits for video journalists, particularly those who use a clipboard, pen and paper to log rushes.

To use TimeQuote you simply press 'play' on the app as you hit 'record' on the camera. You then tap the 'plus' button and make a note which is logged to the timecode.

When you hear a good quote or see a key moment, you can hit 'star' to mark it.


After you finish recording, the app delivers a take-by-take, second-by-second log of timecodes and the time of day.

Woodman told by email that he is using TimeQuote to help him in his job as a filmmaker: "I know how useful it is because it speeds up my workflow on almost every job I do. I wish I'd had it years ago."

The app costs £2.99 and is currently only available for iPad. Woodman told us that he is working on an iPhone version and those who have downloaded the iPad app will be able to use the iPhone version without paying extra.

A demo video is at this link.

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