Fmagazine, the online urban music magazine, has launched its first monthly edition in response to increased take-up of broadband internet services.

The magazine contains video and audio as well as text interviews and photography.

Fmagazine uses a distinctive page-turn device rather than a traditional website format. Until this month, content would be updated regularly, but the new monthly cycle allows the publishers to plan full editions to appear on the first of each month.

"We offer someting very special and very different - a small boutique website," said Chrissie Adams, Fmagazine's editor.

"There are tons of other music sites, but when we feature an artist we want it to be as visually strong as possible. The internet really can be a beautiful place."

Fmagazine was launched in 1999 and now draws around 80,000 unique users per month, each spending around 25 minutes on the site.

A partnership with telecomms firm BT, which promotes the site as an example of enhanced broadband content, now drives a regular stream of traffic to the site. The Government's latest internet connection figures show that around 24.3 per cent of UK connections are broadband.

As a consequence, advertisers are increasingly turning to rich media, combining video, audio and animation for their campaigns. Fmagazine offers full-page adverts, rather than traditional banners or pop-up boxes.

"Normally adverts get in the way online, but these actually enhance the content of the magazine and people really enjoy them," said Ms Adams.

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