A new online publication has been launched to cover the booming online entertainment business including music, media and gaming.

European Digital Media Weekly will be written by Rafat Ali, who also produces the blog PaidContent.org.

"I think there's a soft spot in the market right now, as far as coverage of digital media issues in Europe is concerned," Mr Ali told dotJournalism.

"What's needed is more in-depth coverage of areas such as wireless content and broadband as well as traditional online publishing."

Mr Ali also publishes the free Moco newsletter, providing mobile content news, and PaidContent.org, covering paid-for web publishing issues.

"Digital music issues are very different here than in the US, and hence require more in-depth coverage than currently offered in PaidContent.org."

PaidContent.org is popular with advertisers and Mr Ali hopes that European Digital Media Weekly (EDMW) will eventually offer them even more targeted marketing opportunities.

This year will be a significant one for digital media in Europe, according to Mr Ali, as wireless and broadband developments accelerate.

"Just look at the news coming out of this sector, be it in the traditional areas such as ring tones sales, or new technologies from the heavies such as Nokia, Siemens, Ericsson, Vodafone and others," he said.

"Also, watch out for the broadband content area - with a special eye on BBCi, if it launches its creative archives project."

Mr Ali hopes to expand his content to include interactive TV, and will be announcing new writers and EDMW contributors over the next few weeks.

New EDMW subscribers can download a complimentary copy of Paid Content in Europe, the latest report by EU content body ACTeN (Anticipating Content Technology Needs).

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