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Worldcrunch, which translates and edits articles from foreign-language news partners, has been added to the New York Times Company's syndication arm which will re-sell its content to clients across the world.

The development means the New York Times Syndicate will represent Worldcrunch to its international network of clients, who will be able to access three pieces of Worldcrunch content each weekday.

"They've been watching us since we first launched and we've been talking to them for the past year and they think we've got an interesting product that fits in well with their clients," Worldcrunch co-founder and editor Jeff Israely told

"A lot of their clients are newspapers, most of [our stories] are newspaper stories... so it's really a good match. It's really the most direct path to get to our most likely customers on the b2b level."

He added that "the idea is to have as many clients as possible sign up for our service" via monthly subscription.

Israely said the site already syndicates its content "to a few different outlets", including the Toronto Star in Canada, but he added that on its own "we don't have the bandwidth to be able to really do justice to the syndication potential that we have".

"We've talked with different syndication outfits but the New York Times was always the big prize."

He added that the syndication service will "have a feed of our stuff that is re-sellable and then they make a daily offering to their clients to showcase what they think are the stories that are most likely to be of interest."

"All along we've thought there was potential in reselling our stuff to newspapers, magazines... This is sort of the confirmation of that intuition, that they want to work with us and that they have the means to make some good deals. So we really hope this can give us some solid revenue in 2013.

"One of the challenges is even if you have a good concept, and even if you have a good team and good partnerships, you're confronted with the question of revenue right away and so for us because we're working with these top brands ... we all along thought there was some real potential to be paid by other news companies for the content."

He added that Worldcrunch's news source partners are also happy with the development, as they will receive a revenue share of all resale and syndication deals.

Besides the New York Times's own content, other news outlets which are represented by the New York Times Syndicate include the BBC, the Economist and National Geographic.

Meanwhile Worldcrunch, which works with more than 20 news source partners in 15 countries, has also been busy developing mobile apps, and is planning to "expand the kinds of content that we're going to do" in the future.

Israely added that being "more interactive with our audience" is going to be "a big goal of 2013 for the website itself".

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