Pulse reader UK
News reader Pulse has launched a dedicated catalogue of UK news sources "specifically catered to local interests", including UK-focused content from titles such as the Guardian, the Independent, the Economist, the BBC and NME.

The app, which already featured content from US news outlets as well as US-related news from UK news outlets, announced the latest development this week.

This means users in the UK, or with their computer set to the UK in language settings, when adding new content to their reader, will now be presented with news sources specifically offering UK-focused content, rather than US-driven news.

According to an announcement by Pulse on its blog users should find content "will switch over automatically if your device is set to the UK" and the latest versions have been downloaded, but users can still "switch between US and UK catalogues".

Ross Siegel, who heads up publisher partnerships at Pulse, told Journalism.co.uk the new feature now means the "dedicated UK interested consumer" can "switch to a content catalogue" focused on their localised news.

The idea, he added, is to curate content topics and publications more in line with United Kingdom readers' interests as differentiated from a US user".

Overall Pulse is aiming "to move this towards a more global marketplace", he added. It is hoped that Pulse will in time be able to offer further dedicated content catalogues for other communities.

In August Pulse launched a web app following user demand. The app was originally launched in 2010 and started on the iPad.

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