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Pressfolios has launched a redesigned version of its site which allows journalists and writers to display their work in a simple and accessible format.

The new site provides a customisable homepage, cloud storage, PDF uploads and a refined back-end management system to allow users to easily upload articles.

"The original site was very basic for building a portfolio," co-founder Marc Samson told Journalism.co.uk. "but the new site is really built to serve three functions simultaneously. The first function is as a website builder, the second function is the personal repository and lastly the PDF uploader."

Samson said the website had been specifically redesigned to give an introduction, featured articles and information about the person all on one page.

"Part of it is where the web is going, web design trends change so often," he continued. "Currently, especially with the rise of mobile, having a single page website is very important so we wanted to go from that."

Samson, who has a background in media relations, founded Pressfolios with programmer Dan Kaufmann and stressed that while many other services were diverse and versatile website builders, Pressfolios has a built in presentation scheme with a focus on content and usability.

"What makes this different is the personal repository and the story management tools that we have on the back-end, as well as the cloud back-up service," explained Samson. "So every story you have on your Pressfolio from a URL, we automatically go out and clip a PDF version and we put it into your repository for you.

"That way if a link goes dead, which happens far more often than we'd like to think, that data is still logged on your Pressfolio and it's still available to you."

Pressfolios is currently available for free to users who apply for an account but once the service goes fully public it will work on a 'freemium' basis – with users paying more in order to upload more articles.

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