Taggstar analytics dashboard
Taggstar, which publishers can use to add interactivity to images online, has announced the launch of a new "analytics dashboard" which offers data on how images in general are performing on a news site.

According to a release, the platform "lets publishers see at a glance which images are driving the highest levels of traffic and engagement on their site". This applies to all images on a news site, not just those which are interactively tagged.

"This, in turn, helps publishers think more strategically about the images that they are using on their site, and begin tracking how well their images are performing," it adds.

Taggstar launched in September this year as a free tool which helps news sites bring still images to life by adding links to certain "hotspots" on the image, such as to social media accounts, other news articles or retail outlets.

As well as launching the new analytics tool today, Taggstar has also unveiled a series of customisable features for its interactivity technology, such as the colour of the "hotspots".

The new analytics dashboard, which is also free, shares data such as unique views and "dwell time" on images, as well as identifying the images shared the most on social media.

"Publishers can also drill down deeper into images that have been 'tagged' with Taggstar hotspots," the release adds.

"This contains information such as how long people have been looking at tags for, click-through rates from tags, and the number of tagged image views."

Founder and chief executive of Taggstar Fraser Robinson adds in the release: "Publishers have always given careful consideration to the images that they use, but now they will be able to do so with far greater insight and intelligence.

"We’re hopeful that our dashboard will help marketers and publishers to begin thinking about online images as performance content, or a trackable asset.

"By monitoring the performance of images via our dashboard, they can make better, more informed decisions about the sort of images they are using, and where they are using them on their site.

"Image analytics and data are a key part of Taggstar’s core proposition. Images are typically the most powerful and engaging piece of content on a page, and our goal is to help publishers bring the value of their image assets into focus."

Speaking to Journalism.co.uk he added that the metrics are particularly useful for publishers whose sites are driven by advertising.

The data will show "which images are causing their readers to perhaps engage that bit longer," he said.

This "provides a pretty compelling way to look at the traffic on your website in the context of images on it."

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