What is it? Website monitoring tool which sends an email notification whenever a site is updated

How is it of use to journalists?
If there are a number of websites you check regularly, you can save time by monitoring them with this handy tool instead.

Isitupdated.com allows you to input as many URLs as you like and receive email notifications when they are updated.

Screenshot from isitupdated.com

Similar to changedetection, it is also a great way for monitoring websites which do not have RSS.

To save yourself from drowning in notifications, you can also choose how often you want the platform to email you – every 15 minutes, every hour, every 12 hours or no more than once a day.

You can also set parameters for how much of the website must be changed in order for you to get a notification, which is useful if you don't want to be notified of small changes such as typo corrections.

The platform, which launched this week, is also available in Swedish and German.

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