What is it? Pitchwhiz is a free-to-use, global resource connecting freelancers to commissioning editors and vice versa.

Cost: Free

How is it of use to journalists?

Freelancing can be a great way to get your foot in the door after university, and can give experienced journalists more flexibility at work, but this competitive industry can be challenging.

Indeed, although there's a lot of advice out there and many portfolio and publishing platforms for freelancers, getting replies to your pitches can be tough.

That's where Pitchwhiz comes in. The essentially connects freelance journalists with editors and publishers, so that freelancers can contact commissioning editors and pitch ideas, while news outlets can post the stories they are looking for.

The tool also allows users to monitor and track communications with other parties, and keep their notes all in one place.

“I asked my readers what their biggest problem was," said travel journalist-turned founder of Pitchwhiz, James Durston.

"A huge proportion agreed it was editor non-communication — sending off your pitch and never hearing back, which leads to self-doubt and questioning."

Once a freelancer has an account, their user desktop will show their messages and assignments, as well as a list of the latest story postings.

The tabs at the top of the page gives them the allocated space to jot down story ideas, write pitches and send them to multiple editors, as well as save a personal directory of contacts.

Editors who sign up can also do this, and use the tool to post their story requests on the “story market”, specifying a description of their story, budget, deadline, and any relevant specifications.

Inside Pitchwhiz, on the 'story market' tab

There is also a new, comprehensive forum within the tool where users can ask and answer any burning questions, so it’s a good place to seek advice for perfecting your pitch and material.

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