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2013 was a busy year for, celebrating our tenth news:rewired conference in September and welcoming new staff to the fold before the year was out. Here are the 10 stories from the year that proved to be most popular among our readers, based on individual visits to each.

1. 10 things every journalist should know in 2013

The most popular story of the year looked at some of the key points for digital journalists to consider in 2013, hearing from industry experts and covering data journalism, the need for a large skillset, mobile-first, user experience and live reporting, among others. Check back on Monday for our key considerations for 2014 and in the meantime check out our recent podcast on the subject.

2. Protecting journalist sources: Lessons in communicating securely

After Edward Snowden exposed the lengths to which digital communications are far from secure, protecting online sources and information rose to the forefront of many journalists' concerns about their work. James Ball, special projects editor at Guardian US but data editor when the article was written, shared his tips on secure communication having been directly involved in investigating Snowden's revelations.

3. 20 tools and apps for digital journalists

Storytelling tools, search tools, mobile reporting, and productivity tools are all included in this list to help journalists with their work. It is by no means an exhaustive list but should have at least one thing in there for everyone.

4. How to: record calls on an iPhone

Ever needed to do an important interview on the go, and wanted to record it for later use? This guide walks the reader through how to use ipadio for recording calls to an iPhone. It is also worth noting the importance for journalists to understand the rules or guidance around recording calls in your country first.

5. 50 blogs by journalists, for journalists

Those who are innovating in journalism are often in the best position to share their knowledge and experience with the rest of the industry, so this article collects 50 blogs by journalists who are writing about the field, organised by their own specific niches.

6. App Store at 5 years old: 12 must-have apps for journalists

The iPhone has become an increasingly important tool for organising, gathering and reporting and as the App Store celebrated its fifth year, this post collected some essential apps for reporting, video, social practical help and curating stories to read.

7. Why the Globe and Mail is 'incentivising newsroom staff'

Speaking at last year's World Publishing Expo, Philip Crawley, publisher and chief executive of Canada's Globe and Mail, explained his outlet's porous paywall, demographic targeting and rewarding of a select team of staff for driving subscription rates. Some of his methods and opinions generated heated discussion in the article's comments section and on social media.

8. How to: set up an online radio station

Just as the internet has lowered the barriers to entry for publishing, so has it eased the path for people who would like to get into broadcasting. YouTube is often the first port of call for video, but this guide can help those looking to get into the more nebulous field of online radio broadcasting.

9. 50 female innovators in digital journalism

This article celebrated some of the women acting as leading lights in the world of digital journalism for 2013's International Women's Day, including editors, producers, academics, community managers, data journalists and more.

10. How to get into sports journalism

Sports journalism is one of the most popular fields for aspiring writers with an interest in the area, so this article took advice from some experts in the field on how to get started and how to get ahead.

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