Washingtonpost.com has become the first news group to offer high-definition (HD) podcasts to users.

The podcasts, which can be downloaded and viewed on HD TVs and computers, feature a series of documentary videos created by the Post's multimedia team.

"The demand for high quality video via the web is surpassing that of the supply. Consumers are eager to adopt HD content to move away from the drab experience of watching it within a small box on their computer screens," said Tom Kennedy, managing editor of multimedia at the Post.

"High-definition is the future of video; we have moved beyond standard definition to provide viewers with a higher standard. We knew we needed to evolve past web video to remain a relevant, innovative news source."

The videos, which are shot with high-definition cameras, are available on iTunes and Washingtonpost.com.

Included in the series is the National Journalism Award-winning introduction to the "Being a black man" series by Ben De La Cruz and the acclaimed series on Darfur refugees in Chad by Emmy Award-winning video journalist Travis Fox.

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