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Trust: Credder, a new plug-in for Google Chrome, allows news readers to rate articles to produce a leaderboard of journalists and media organisations based on credibility.

The service's leaderboard is updated in real time, with users also able to view which topics fare best with audiences. Read more

Podcasts: One of the advantages podcasts have over other content formats is that they give audiences a feeling of immersion and, in achieving this, sound design is crucial in creating that environment.

With studies suggesting that audio quality has an effect on whether listeners believe that they hear, former BBC Studios producer Andy Goddard shared his six key tips to achieving expert sound design. Read more

Diversity: Ensuring newsrooms are as diverse as possible has been a continual issue across the journalism industry.

A panel of leaders from the Financial Times, Newsquest, CNN and Women's Health explained that recruitment initiatives alone are not enough to tackle the issue of social mobility and discussed other ways they have worked to cater for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. Read more

Audience engagement: Following the election of Donald Trump and the Brexit referendum result, journalists at the German publication Zeit Online came up with a way to tackle its audiences 'bubbles': introduce readers to a nearby person with opposing views.

Since launching in 2017, it has since expanded across Europe, enabling 16,200 readers with conflicting opinions to foster dialogue and counter the extreme polarisation of European political debate. Read more

Audience growth: In the face of declining advertising revenue, four European publishers explained at INMA Media Innovation Week how they have experimented with new tools to expand their pool of readers.

Techniques ranged from testing a timed paywall to leverage social sharing, to encouraging younger readers to pitch their own ideas to the publication. Read more

Education: To cultivate the next generation of journalists and address media illiteracy in young people, UK charity The Student View is sending reporters into secondary schools.

In this week's podcast we speak to programme manager Robin Brinkworth, about the charity's latest initiatives and the ongoing effort to educate the news audiences of tomorrow on different types of media literacy. Listen here

Writing: Writing headlines for articles is one of the hardest, and yet the most important, parts of any reporter's job. But what does it take to create a compelling top line?

Hannah Rock, chief night editor at The Times, offers her advice on words to avoid, distilling the story and trusting your instincts. Read more

World News Day: World News Day takes place on 28 September, celebrating the work of news organisations around the world in providing the public with reliable and trustworthy news, at a time of significant challenges to the industry.

To mark the occasion, we have rounded up ten of the most important and pressing industry trends and looked at what organisations are doing in response. Read more

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