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Future: What skills will journalists need in the newsroom of 2020? To find out, we spoke to Lyndsey Jones, executive editor at the Financial Times, who says the journalists of the future will need to be multi-skilled.

For example, they will not only need write well for print and online but also be able to record a piece for video or audio and present at conferences and other live events, sometimes in a foreign language. Read more

Diversity: Katie Orchard, finalist of the 2019 Media Trust's Breaking Into News competition, became journalist aged 31, as a single parent and a woman of colour. In this week’s podcast, Orchard tells her story of entering journalism later in her life, the obstacles she faced along the way but also her achievements. Listen here

Newsletters: Paid-for newsletters can be more powerful than most publishers realise.

Although it can be tricky to find the right mix of what is new and what is exclusive, when you get the formula right, the audience is happy to subscribe and pay. Pit Gottschalk, publisher of football newsletter Fever Pit’ch, talks about building a strong subscribers community and devising a data-driven, readers-first approach. Read more

Press releases: What should a press release include and what should it look like if you want it to be picked up by publications? A journalist-turned-publicist Helen Croydon gives her best tips on developing news sense and what not to do when writing press releases. Read more

Artificial intelligence: Dataminr algorithms are helping reporters sift through the data and surface what is important through real-time alerts. This way, human journalists can concentrate on what they do the best - telling stories. Read more

Mojo app: We take a look at InShot, a video and photo editing app that allows you to make your content optimised for sharing on social media. With this app, you can edit the format of your content to make it suitable for various platforms, as well as add music, voice-overs, text and emojis. Read more

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