Olympics journalism

Nine podcasting and audio tips for journalists

Podcasting advice from, the Economist, The Times and SoundCloud

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 06/11/12

#Tip of the day from - Paralympics reporting guide

Disabled person or person with a disability? A reporter's guide to the Paralympics

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 29/08/12

How USA Today used headline testing to boost Olympics traffic

By testing how different headlines resonate with audiences, USA Today was able to see which received the most click-throughs, finding the winning headlines were selected an average of 57 per cent more times

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 16/08/12

#Tip of the day from - 10 tips for Olympic reporting

A video and text guide to reporting on the Olympics

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 01/08/12

Telegraph builds Olympics graphics tool for its reporters

The resulting graphics will also be embeddable and therefore able to be used by journalists from other news outlets to illustrate results

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 27/07/12

How a software firm is helping the BBC and PA with Olympic data

'The first day of each Olympics generates more data than the entire previous Games'

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 27/07/12

Olympic journalism: 16 winning examples of interactive projects from UK news outlets

A selection of just some of the extensive interactive coverage national and local UK news outlets have been producing for the London 2012 Olympics

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 27/07/12

Citizen journalism site Blottr launches 'The People's Olym-PICS'

Blottr, like many other sites, is gathering people's photos and videos relating to the Olympics

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 26/07/12

Live digital reporting: 10 tips for journalists and news outlets

Key advice on pushing out streams of digital news from the Wall Street Journal, ITV News, BBC, MSN and CoveritLive, based on the final panel at news:rewired - full stream ahead

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 25/07/12

Help Me Investigate launches its first ebook

The ebook was produced in order to offer 'a comprehensive analysis' of the allocation of Olympic torchbearer places following an investigation involving 25 contributors

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 24/07/12

Guardian launches Olympic-themed digital initiatives

The new digital projects that have been built specially for the Olympics include a reader interactive, real-time dashboard and network of experts

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 23/07/12

BBC launches Olympics apps for personalised coverage

BBC Sport launches native iPhone and Android apps for coverage of London 2012 Olympics

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 16/07/12

NYT to host Google+ Hangouts On Air with Olympic athletes

The hangouts, which will be hosted by New York Times journalists and include 'select fan participants', will be broadcast live on the news site

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 11/07/12

Washington Post to use Socialcam app for Olympics coverage

Washington Post reporters will gather and share Olympics footage and users of the video-sharing iPhone and Android app are also encouraged to contribute reports

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 10/07/12

BBC World Service collaboration creates Olympics interactives

The interactive is part of a series of digital specials ahead of the Olympics, born out of collaboration between BBC World Service editorial, developers and design staff

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 04/07/12

#Tip of the day from - Storify's tips for using platform during Olympics

Storify outlines five ways to use the platform to cover the Olympics in London this year

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 29/06/12

#Tip of the day from - social media resources for Olympics reporting

On the 10,000 Words blog Elana Zak rounds up seven social media resources which journalists can make use of when reporting on the Olympics in London this year

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 27/06/12

Facebook launches Olympics resource and guide for journalists

Facebook encourages journalists to receive updates from athletes, teams, sports, broadcasters and sponsors by using Explore London 2012 tool

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 19/06/12

#GEN2012: How audiences will take control of BBC Olympic coverage

Speaking at #GEN2012, general manager of news and knowledge at the BBC Phil Fearnley outlines the broadcaster's new live interactive video player

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 30/05/12

Newsquest journalists using iPads to report from Olympics

The regional newspaper group will be using tablets to 'relay live information from the Olympic park every day of the games'

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 28/05/12

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From our editors' blog

Olympic figures: BBC reports 12m video views via mobile

BBC reports '106 million requests for BBC Olympic video content across all online platforms'

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 13 August 2012

#Activateldn: Four innovations and ideas in 'multilayered storytelling'

How data and social media are influencing storytelling

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 27 June 2012

BBC's sports editor on social media and the Olympics: 'There's an illusion around Twitter'

Speaking at the Polis International Journalism conference today, BBC sports editor David Bond discussed as part of a panel the expected impact of social media on this year’s Olympic games, with 26,000 accredited journalists all eager to cover the sporting event across media platforms. I caught up with David after the panel discussion to find [...]

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 23 March 2012

Government launches 'virtual media centre' for 2012 London Olympics

The government has launched the first few web-pages which will in time form its online media centre for the 2012 Games, giving the press a 'single point of access for all government-related news stories'

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 25 October 2011

Media accreditation process open for Paralympic Games

The Newspaper Society issued a reminder this morning that media accreditation has now opened for the Paralympic Games

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 22 September 2011

Reuters: Athletes can tweet at 2012 as long as not in manner of journalists

The International Olympic Committee has said London 2010 Olympic athletes can tweet and blog but not for commercial purposes, Reuters reports

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 27 June 2011

Calls for local media to apply for Olympics accreditation

Local news organisations are reminded they can now apply for accreditation to cover the 2012 Olympics in London

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 19 August 2010

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