Fact-checking organisations are working to prevent the spread of misinformation. Sometimes they check claims made by public figures, in other cases they hold media reports to account.

They also offer useful tools and tips for journalists, who will use similar research tactics in their day-to-day work, but may be able to save time by utilising the resources of these platforms which may have already done the time-intensive work for them.

In this week's podcast we look at the work of two fact-checking organisations, Full Fact in the UK and Africa Check, which was set up by the AFP Foundation and launched late last year.

We also look at how news outlets are also offering readers their own fact-checking services, such as Washington Post's TruthTeller app, the prototype for which was launched this year.

The podcast hears from:
  • Will Moy, director, Full Fact
  • Peter Cunliffe-Jones, director, Africa Check
  • Sara Carothers, project manager, TruthTeller, Washington Post
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