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Here we are folks. The last podcast of 2021, and so much has happened this year.

In this week's episode, we are joined by Dávid Tvrdoň, a journalist who - like us - covers the media industry. He is especially well-versed in the worlds of social media, subscriptions, podcasting and newsletters, writing for both The Fix Media and his Substack newsletter For What It's Worth.

Together, we look back on the stand-out stories that have shaped the media industry this year, and what trends will matter as we step into 2022. We focus on how platforms like Substack and Clubhouse have fared very differently, the abundance of options within audio, and how the pandemic has refocused publisher's sense of mission as audience trust is gradually being clawed back.

This is a collaborative episode, and you can check out Dávid's steer of the conversation over The Fix Media's podcast, Media Insider.

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