Over the past few years, we have seen some fantastic mobile journalism initiatives and the benefits it can offer reporters and their audiences.

From Mike Castellucci's award-winning TV series to citizen journalism at Hashtag Our Stories, the movement has the potential to change the way we produce and curate the news and how our audience engages with it.

But are smartphones best suited for highly polished content that blends in with the traditional packages that we see on the television, or should they be reserved for vertical, run-and-gun breaking news for social audiences?

In this week's podcast, we hear highlights from the second episode of the Thomson Foundation's #MOJO Talk live video series where mobile specialist Glen Mulcahy dives deep into the trends, hacks and insights to help us stay on the cutting-edge of mobile journalism.

Philip Bromwell, mobile journalist, RTÉ, and Caroline Scott, deputy editor, Journalism.co.uk, join Mulcahy to discuss the pros and cons of shooting both 'professional' and off-the-cuff footage with a smartphone.

What resonates better with audiences? Are there set rules that we should follow? Should we redefine what 'professional' news content looks like?

Let's hear what they have to say.

The video livestreams from the Thomson Foundation are available monthly on Facebook or via Crowdcast, and are part of the Journalism Now platform – an e-learning initiative aimed to equip the modern journalist with the latest digital and multimedia skills through interactive courses, such as Mulcahy's course in getting started with mobile journalism.

How is your news organisation using mobile journalism to connect with audiences and improve reporter workflows? Let us know @journalismnews.

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