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We are into hiring season now, with many journalism jobs and opportunities available in the UK. So what better time to talk about diversity in the media?

A recent NCTJ report showed how the UK news industry is sorely lacking diverse talent. 92 per cent of journalists are white, 89 per cent hold a university degree, and three-quarters have parents in high-profile jobs like managers and academics. In other words, our industry is posh, pale and privileged.

There is a problem at both ends of the pipeline, according to the newly appointed editor of The Conversation, Jo Adetunji. In her new role, she will take up more responsibility in the editorial and strategic direction of the publication known for featuring academic works. That poses a unique challenge of how to have a balanced representation of contributors from universities. On the other side of the coin, what can diverse talent do to shine in a congested application process?

In this week's podcast, Adetunji shares how The Conversation is thinking about making its application process more inclusive while providing the lessons she learned from breaking into the industry as a journalist from a BAME background.

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