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This month's International Journalism Festival out in Perugia had one striking theme: leadership.

Yesterday, in part one of this two-episode special, we summarised some of the key themes from the event, looking at the environment for newsroom leaders. Long story short, the media industry is in a period of uncertainty and volatility. One of the main challenges for leaders is balancing the pressing need for continual digital transformation against a stressed out and burnt-out workforce.

In part two, we talk about the skillset that media leaders need in this environment. Increasingly we hear that those at the very top need to lead by example and make the newsroom a place where people can learn empathy and humility as key leadership skills. But tough calls still need to made, including nipping toxic leadership in the bud, which is still a persistent problem.

That burden often falls on people who did not ask for it, and as a result are either reluctant, ill-equipped or not motivated to face up to these challenges. Now is the time to create dedicated and effective leaders, rather than the status quo of shoehorning veteran reporters into leadership roles.

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