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In 2019, less than 40 per cent of news organisations said they had a dedicated artificial intelligence strategy, according to research by JournalismAI, a project of Polis at the London School of Economics.

Polis director Charlie Beckett laid down a warning: newsrooms have five years to embrace AI or risk becoming irrelevant. How true that message seems nearly four years on.

AI is no doubt enjoying a mainstream moment - you cannot go far without somebody mentioning ChatGPT, Bard or Midjourney. Our social media feeds are full of examples of quirky, helpful and dangerous potential applications.

One person at the spearhead of JournalismAI's work during this time is Mattia Peretti, who is leaving his post as manager of the project. In this week's podcast, Peretti looks back at the progress the news industry has made with AI over the last four years.

His assessment is that as more news organisations are coming around to the tech, and AI is also becoming more commonplace, greater responsibility is needed collectively from the developers through to the users.

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